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Bridge Financing for Commercial Real Estate - NOW OFFERING: Unsecured Gap Funding now being offered.  

Bull Funding provides bridge financing for real estate investors with commercial and residential financing needs. We offer fast approvals and funding, competitive rates and reliable service for direct bridge loan financing. A private bridge loan can be funded within a short time for investment property. 

  • Private bridge loans from hard money lenders can be approved and funded faster than any other source of bridge loan financing.

  • We also offer softer money lenders. This takes a little more time (usually three weeks for funding. Terms are 12 to 18 months).

  • Depending on the property type. Factors determining rate are FICO and how quickly you need to fund.

Investment Property Financing

Bull Funding provides investment property financing to real estate investors in need of fast and reliable funding. If you are purchasing, refinancing or seeking a bridge to get ready for a conventional loan, we do it all. We have the needed expertise, experience, and capital to quickly fund investment and rental property loans for real estate investors.​ We offer:

  • Commerical short term and long term

  • SBA 25 yr AM

  • Long Term lending for short term rentals on 30 yr fixed rate

Rates and LTV's vary depending on type of property and loan type.

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Rehab Loans (Fix/Flip) or
Ground up Construction 


Bull Funding is your reliable fix/flip lender. We are ready to lend on your next fix/flip project (rehab loan). We offer quick approval and funding, competitive rates and professional service.

  • One to four unit and 680+ FICO along with a minimum of three property rehabs for experience.

  • 90/100; Min loan amount 100k and 70% ARV

  • 85% LTC for Ground up Construction ARV 75%

  • Other property type LTV's available.

To get your loan funded fast, just click below.

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