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Hi, I am Kemra Norsworthy, and I am the founder and CEO of Bull Funding. As a corporation based in Seattle. We just expanding to Utah; We provide Private loans for commercial investments. My team has over 30 years of combined experience and has gone through many cycles, many projects. We have worked with a very broad set of clients. It’s rare when we encounter a situation we haven’t seen before. All these lessons help us to get things right the first time for our clients. With this depth of knowledge, we are able to guide you through any curves and bumps in the road to the point where your transaction will feel smooth and straight – and that’s always our goal.  We are taking the scary out of private lending.


I am associated with AAPL (American Association of Private Lending), I am currently in my second year on the Ethics committee. We Strive to be a high-standard lender. We provide many options for fix/flips along with commercial loans, SBA, apartments, and we also fund construction (ground up) on single-family homes and warehouses. We recently added long term financing for SFR 1-4 units.


We fund some deals in-house and some are through correspondent lenders. We keep a well-rounded portfolio of funds to cover most any need in these categories.

Let us help you to find the solution that works best for your situation. Just click here to reach out and either I or one of my associates will get right back to you! - Kemra

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